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Car Salvage

Car salvage is a catch all term that includes totaled cars on the side of the road, older trucks with a blown engine, and newer SUVs with blown engines. Car salvage can also include vehicles that end up getting repaired and resold , and those only worth their weight in steel.

In short, car salvage is a catch all term employed by an industry focused on buying cars, trucks, and SUV's that their owners' are not willing to pay to repair. It's a billion dollar industry dominated by local towing and steel recyclers who rely on the law of averages to make a living.

Car salvage companies rarely take the time or spend the money to inspect the cars they buy. Most towing companies offer free towing to keep businesses lots clear, and free towing and a few bucks to the general public for their junk cars. Most cars are worth $100-$200 in scrap steel. Towing costs are usually about $100, and most car salvage firms hope to make $50 to $100 a car.

Chicago Junk Car Buyers are different, and it means that we can pay the most for salvage cars. While we do end up selling some of the vehicles we buy for scrap steel, our goal is to focus on buying cars that can be repaired and made safe for someone looking for affordable transportation.

We almost always need to do some mechanical and body work, but we know that going in. Because we're hoping to sell most cars for more than the $100 to $200 we can get from a steel recycler, we can pay more. Though most would call us a car salvage company, we work hard to avoid the salvage yard. We prefer to do everything we can to keep cars on the road.

It also means that we can pay more cash than any salvage dealer or junk yard in the Chicago area. Whether you live in Chicago, Rockford, Aurora, Lake, or McHenry Counties, we're interested in buying your car, truck, or SUV. When you're done trying to keep them running, give us a shot. You'll quickly find that we pay more, never charge for towing, and can usually have cash in your hand within one business day.

We're not your normal car salvage business. Call, chat with us, or fill out our simple online form. We'll just need a few minutes of your time to answer a few questions about your vehicle. We'll quickly make an offer, and if you accept, tell us where and when to show up with the money. We value your time, and we'll place a higher value on your car than any salvage company in or around Chicago.

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