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Auto Salvage

"Auto Salvage" can mean a great many things.

Most often, consumers think auto salvage companies are the people you call when you want to get rid of a junk car that isn't worth the effort to try to sell. Those in the auto industry recognize that auto salvage is a huge industry that accounts for billions of dollars a year in the U.S. alone.

In reality, auto salvage is a generic term that can describe steel recyclers, used parts dealers, car donation charities, used car dealers, auto auctions, and everything in between. The only common denominator seems to be that auto salvage usually starts with a tow truck.

Some auto salvage businesses make a living getting paid to tow away cars, trucks, and SUVs. Many also profit by charging storage fees for the vehicles they tow. Some of these companies are paid by private firms to keep parking lots free of derelict or illegally parked cars, while others are paid by local governments to remove cars from public roadways.

Another tier of the auto salvage business tows and stores cars for free, and generate a profit by recycling the steel and/or spare parts from the vehicles that they collect. Car donation charities, for example, usually partner with steel recyclers who provide free towing for donated cars. When they are not providing services for charities, they normally advertise to provide cash for clunkers, or a similar theme. Either way, they pay you or a charity $25-$100 for salvage cars, provide free towing, and try to make a profit based on the value of steel or spare parts in the cars they tow away.

The top-tier of the auto salvage business are the car buyers who pay the most cash to car owners in the hope that they can affordably repair and resell vehicles. This is the highest risk/reward area of the auto salvage business because it's almost impossible to make a profit thoroughly inspecting every car they buy. Instead, they speculate on potential repair costs and resale values.

Chicago Junk Car Buyers never charges for towing or storage, and we never use any of the hidden fees all too common in the auto salvage industry. We make a living buying cars. Some are junk, some have valuable spare parts, and some we think we can fix up and resell.

We are growing rapidly because we always pay the most cash possible for cars. Our customers don't usually need to know what will happen to their car after we buy it. We buy hundreds of cars every month because we make the best cash offers in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

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