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Junk Car Buyers

We are national Junk Car Buyers. Our business is simple: We buy used cars, we buy junk cars, we pay top dollar on the spot and we tow them away for free.

We're a family owned and operated company, doing business in your area, and recognize that our company's success is almost totally reliant on attracting, satisfying, and keeping customers.

Whether we're buying a junk car to sell for scrap, or purchasing a car that we think we can fix up and resell, we're honest with our customers. It's the simplest way of doing business, and a lesson that we strive to teach to the third generation of our family joining the business.

If you have an un-drivable junk car, we'll talk to used parts dealers, auction houses, and scrap metal companies. We long ago learned that the best chance we have of buying your old car is to offer the most cash possible.

If your car is worth fixing up and reselling, we'll also tell you that. We'll do our best to meet your price, and if we can't, we'll tow it away for free, take a look under the hood, and provide you with a fair assessment of what it's really worth.

Finally, while we're naturally a step or three behind our kids and grandkids, we're proud of the fact that we've always been on the cutting edge of recycling and "green" practices.

The ultimate "green" policy is to try to reuse whatever possible. If we can fix up and resell your car, that's what we do. If your car can be broken down and its parts used to keep other cars on the road, we'll do that.

If your car is only worth $100 in scrap metal, we'll recycle the steel and ensure that the fluids and heavy metals that normally pollute the air and water are disposed of properly. We are Junk Car Buyers with almost 40 years experience. Our father started buying junk cars back in the 70's and we've stayed in the business ever since.

Though we'd gladly compare our industry to the big banks and insurance companies these days, we recognize that the junk and used car business is notoriously dubious. We've been successful thus far because honesty, customer service, and environmental responsibility are the cornerstones of our business.

So, if you need a junk car buyer in your area, give us a call. We have partners all across the country that we have worked with for decades and they are dependable and keep their word. When we quote you a price for your car, we keep it.

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